The value and the age of the stone is such as the length of history's life.
Drawing and writing on the  stone is the first word of the early humans that takes us to the depths of history.
Where you have never heard in speech, nor have you read in writing.With the enchanting mysteries in the rocks, you hear hammers who, in the absence of the line, transmitted the history in the most beautiful form to us.
Durability of stone during the Different times from one side and the it’s natural beauty from the other sidehas made this valuable material in different periods as the best choice for designing various decorations, facades of buildings, as well as valuable decorative goods.
Our main effort at Aria Stone CompanyIs the  direct presence at Moscow that we will provideyour access to more than 1100 types of rock from Iran's precious mines.
What distinguishes us from other activists in this field  is that in addition to the high diversity of colors and designs, by shortening the transit time, we bring some of the most beautiful and Special stones in the world with incredible prices.